Differentiating Features

Today’s options for choosing the best “financial planners” and “wealth management firms” may be confusing. We understand the competitive nature of our industry. At GDM, we differentiate our firm with our business attitude and beliefs.

Service & Commitment

We are committed to serving our client's exclusively. Aside from our technical expertise, our firm prides itself on providing outstanding service to our clients. We make every effort to accommodate all client requests.


We truly enjoy our work and it shows!

Objectivity, Independence, Expertise & Experience

These characteristics are the cornerstones of our practice. We are completely free from all conflicts-of-interest. We are not involved in the sale of any products and receive no referral/finders fees. Our recommendations are driven solely by our client’s needs and objectives.

Integrated Solutions

We employ an integrated, holistic approach to all client services. Our services address virtually any aspect of a client's personal financial circumstances. This belief is critical to sharing meaningful strategies. Without the complete picture, even the best advice can lead to unwanted surprises. We strive for a “no surprises” approach.

Prudent Methodology

We will not “chase” returns or the “hottest” approaches, nor will we yield to conventional wisdom. We utilize our own research to generate custom strategies for you.

Empowering Clients

We partner with you. We do not wish to have carte blanche with our clients. It is vital that we, together, develop solutions that strengthen your personal finances. As advisors, we must understand your resources, objectives, and temperament. As a client, it is essential that you embrace the advice shared and are comfortable in moving forward.

Informed Decision Making

You’ll know what we know so you can make appropriate choices. We share our rationale in an understandable manner so that you have the necessary information to make appropriate decisions.

Goal Attainment

We are often asked, “How do you measure success?” Many firms can share quantitative results. We can too. Our true success is measured by witnessing our clients achieve their stated financial goals and investment objectives. Nothing spells success like success.

Honest & Ethical

We know of no other way. We’ve always worked exclusively on a fee-only basis. Being independent and free from conflicts-of-interest removes all barriers, promoting an honest and ethical practice.

Unique Methodology

Our methodology has been tested over two decades and is continually reviewed and updated. We utilize customized software as opposed to canned packages. This allows us to completely tailor each individual plan and analyze unique situations. This flexibility is extremely important and valuable to you.

Your Financial Partner

At GDM, we get to know you in a personal way. We make you feel like our only client. This strengthens the connection between client and advisor which results in a strong, committed, and professional bond.