Our Mission

  • To offer a broad array of financial, investment and estate planning advice and services
  • To offer objective, unbiased advice
  • To demonstrate an unsurpassed commitment to quality client service
  • To share creative and meaningful strategies and solutions

Our Values & Beliefs

We respect the diverse nature of our clients. For many, the decision to engage an advisor to assist them with personal financial matters can be daunting. We've shared those characteristics we feel differentiate us from the pack and want to help you further understand our values, beliefs and guiding principles.

Overall Financial Planning Values

  • Every client has individual needs that require unique solutions and strategies.
  • Client values and beliefs are to be respected, not judged.
  • The holistic approach to planning is superior to segmented, single issue approach.
  • Customized solutions are preferable to less expensive “canned” programs.
  • The fee-only financial planning approach provides the best results for all clients.

Investment Management Beliefs

  • Liquidity and flexibility are the most important characteristics of any portfolio.
  • Appropriate balance between income and growth is critical.
  • Properly selected mutual funds offer the best diversification strategies at the lowest cost.
  • Dollar cost averaging is an ideal method to invest in all markets.
  • Managing volatility is equally important to managing growth.

Guiding Principles

  • All clients should be made to feel as they are our only client.
  • The client’s interests shall be our primary interest.
  • Our firm shall always be free from any conflict of interest.